Firefighters' Fair Indian River County uses electronic tickets. Electronic tickets are available for advance purchases through our web store and for phone or in person orders. Electronic tickets and vouchers are labeled eTicket or eVoucher in the ticket name. Other tickets and vouchers such as reserved seat tickets will be mailed or sent to our Will Call window for you to pick up at your convenience.

Our eTickets and eVouchers are printable immediately after your order is completed. eTickets and eVouchers are also reprint able by going to the My Account section of our web store and viewing your order details. If you will be giving your tickets to multiple people please only print 1 set of tickets and then distribute the individual tickets as each barcode is usable 1 time only and no exceptions will be made.


Q: How do I know if it is an electronic ticket?
A: All tickets sold on our website are electronic tickets unless otherwise stated in the product description.
Q: When will I receive my electronic tickets?
A: You will be able to immediately print your tickets after your order is completed.
Q: What if I ordered eTickets/eVouchers and standard tickets in the same order?
A: If you ordered both eTickets or eVouchers and standard tickets you will still print them after completing your order. Your standard ticket order will either be mailed to you or sent to Will-Call depending on the shipping method you selected during checkout.
Q: Can I show the ticket taker the eTicket of eVoucher on my phone and not print the tickets?
A: At this time we can only validate tickets which are presented in printed form.
Q: I purchased by tickets over the phone or in person can I reprint them?
A: Yes, if you purchased eTickets/eVouchers by phone or in person you can still reprint them! Simply go to our eStore, click login at the top, and click forgot password and complete the password reset procedure to access your order.
Q: I am giving some of the tickets to friends what should I do?
A: Please print the tickets first we do not recommend allowing anyone else to access your account at our eStore.  Please do not reprint the tickets as each barcoded ticket may be used only 1 time, no exceptions will be made.
Q: I will not use all of the tickets at in one visit what should I do?
A: Simply keep the unused tickets for later use.  Please do not reprint the tickets as each barcoded ticket may be used only 1 time, no exceptions will be made.
Q: Can I use a ticket or voucher more than once?
A: Each barcoded ticket or voucher may be used only once, no exceptions will be made.